Donegal Volunteer Corps

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Donegal Volunteer Centre has a new initiative aimed at supporting community groups and voluntary committees with various activities where a large cohort of volunteers is needed quickly and if called upon, the local authority services or civil defence, in cases where public assistance is required.

This new initiative, the formation of Donegal Volunteer Corps, and the recruitment of Corps members and an establishing voluntary committee. Activites envisaged for the Donegal Volunteer Corps will include:

  1. local environmental works,
  2. festivals,
  3. concerts,
  4. clean-ups,
  5. sports events and
  6. tree-planting,

along with being available if called upon, the local authority services or civil defence if called upon.

More information can be downloaded about Donegal Volunteer Corps here:

Volunteers FAQ , Volunteer Application Form , Volunteer Code of Conduct .

Organisation FAQ , Organisation Request Form

For further information call Donegal Volunteer Centre at (074)912 6740 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.