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A Helping Hand is All it Takes

Donegal and particularly the people of Donegal have always captured the spirit of volunteerism and thousands of our citizens devote their time, energy, skills, knowledge and commitment towards building a better society for future generations. On a daily basis volunteers work tirelessly within the community and voluntary sector in sports clubs, schools, health centres, charities, churches, groups and communities across the county. These volunteers are the unsung heroes of the Irish economy, without whom many of our most marginalised citizens and communities would remain marginalised, impoverished, rurally isolated and socially excluded.

All of us are familiar with these local heroes, maybe a family member who is part of a community group, a neighbour who looks after an elderly relative, a member of a local sports club or a leader of a youth group. These community champions receive rich personal rewards for their endeavours, their good will and their generosity. However these champions need the help, skills and knowledge of other individuals if community and voluntary activities are to be sustained and developed in the 21st century. We have witnessed unprecedented change and prosperity in the Irish economy during the course of the last decade and volunteers continue to be the social pillars which will provide the foundation for this development in the future.

We are currently recruiting volunteers throughout Donegal:

Donegal has always been a County which is characterised by its community spirit, the goodwill of its people and indeed community development is driven by dedicated and motivated individuals who are committed to improving the quality of life of individuals, neighbours and family members within their communities. These individuals volunteer their time and effort so that communities can benefit from their skills, knowledge and can ultimately realise their full potential.

There are hundreds of community groups within the County, sports clubs, youth clubs, older people's groups, charities, community centres and community and voluntary organisations. Groups in your area need your help and support, in fact their future is dependent upon individuals like you who will embrace the challenge of volunteering. Furthermore these groups would be only too delighted to welcome new members, whatever their background and skills, members who will inspire and support future community development projects and activities. Even if you can only help out a few hours per week or month, all support is welcome.

Our service is free, confidential and you will have full control over what activities and groups you get involved with. All you need to bring to the table is your goodwill, we will do the rest and assist you in whatever way we can.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for groups across Co. Donegal as well as finding out about groups and organisations that are looking for volunteers